Oakoak, "Bruce Lee"

Our concept

The Hope Gallery helps artists to take part in digital fundraisings to benefit specific actions, rather than global causes. Each artist involved is invited to create an unique work of art, that we match with a fundraising goal. The action of giving becomes thus unifying, artistic and creative of meaning, as much as its charitable purpose.

Our revelation process

With unpublished works and different fundraising goals each time, all the revelations that we organize are unique. But the vision behind remains the same: to support a non-for-profit cause in full transparency, in a fun and innovative way, starting at 1 euro.

Because supporting causes that matter should be simple and exciting!


Our latest artistic fundraising actions

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Innovate and transform your events!

We organize art revelations for good deeds at public or private events. As a foundation, non-for-profit or as a company, involve your donors, collaborators, clients or guests through a unifying artistic operation with a positive impact.

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