Influenced by street art but also by tattooing, Bur has evolved within a generation that approaches art in its broadest dimension. Promoting a new way of thinking and of sharing his creative work, he mixes techniques, multiplies his work spaces while sometimes questionning established codes. Yet, his colourful graphic universe is steadily unique.


Cart'1 is a street artist and graphic designer from Lyon. Offbeat, he likes black and white, the isolated and oneiric characters. He starts graffiti in 1989, and one of his major influences is the writer of anticipation novels Philip K. Dick and like him he enjoys disrupting the reality. His techniques? 3D and trompe l'oeil. Now, he travels between Lyon and Barranquilla in Colombia, between the creation of technological graffiti devices and event projects.


Chufy is an autodidact French artist. Fascinated by architecture, perspective and modular volume design, he has a passion for art architects such as El Lissitzky, Vasarely and Escher. He has developed his own artistic language inspired by mathematical and physical models. Through the three dimensions and its geometric lines, his artwork creates both calls from the void and infinite possibilities.

Don Mateo

Born in the early 80's, Don Mateo grew up submerged in hip hop culture and quickly found his passion in graffiti. After attending the School of Fine Arts, in Besançon then Spain, the artist moved to Lyon in 2010 and took to the streets his famous portraits.

Esther Bunny

Esther Kim is an American-Korean artist with a feminine and flirty universe. Her character with big ears, "Esther Bunny", is her emotional alter ego. It represents her loneliness as an outsider in the different cultures in which she has lived when she was younger.


EvazéSir is a duo of artists, members of the Lyon-based collective No Rules Corp. From streets to the studio, the two comparses keep each their own style to blend their techniques and universe and create osmosis...Sir is the graffiti and stencil artist, his characters and large-scale objects combine humour and popular imagery. Evazé-Nam is the "poster lacer" painter, fascinated by the women of the 50's, she represents them in posters or paintings.


Fafi is a French street artist of international renown. Her famous "Fafinettes" with their explosive colors, generous curves and assertive sensuality are well known. Fafi's work explores the facets of femininity by playing with feminine stereotypes.

Florina Aledo

Florina ALEDO PEREZ (1987) is a French artist originally from Romania. She fell into drawing fortuitously at the age of 15, and organized her first exhibitions of oil and knife paintings at 16. Today, with the simple ambition of renewing her love for painting, she strives to share her passion and to make her public live unique and sentimental experiences, thanks to themes that she cherishes, such as Woman, Freedom, the color of feelings and the Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.

Henri Lamy

Henri Lamy is a french figurative painter and capoeirista, born in 1985. Seduced by the immediacy and spontaneity of the acrylic, the quality of his work is enhanced by the lively colors and his expressive compositions, as well as the use of palette knife.

Jerome Poulalier

Khwezi Strydom

Khwezi Strydom is a painter from Lyon. From a very young age, he is initiated to painting, his mother's passion. Then he discovers new techniques: street-art, ink, engraving... His work is a fusion between the modern world and traditional ethnic cultures. His style is both colourful and exciting, sober colours for soothing moments, lively to exult a desire for freedom.


Koralie is a contemporary and multidisciplinary artist. She finds her inspiration in nature, animism and spirituality. Her beautiful herbariums are poetic and her colorful and geometric frescoes create a "dreamlike multicultural harmony".

Lucas Beaufort

Lucas Beaufort, French artist, celebrates skate culture through his works. A real jack-of-all-trades, he mixes the codes of graffiti and comics. One can find his famous little monsters, the "Gus Gus", straight out of his teenage nightmares, all over the world!

Ludivine Sagnier

Ludivine Sagnier is a French international actress. Amongst other productions, she has played in "Les Chansons d'amour" by Christophe Honoré, "La Fille coupée en deux" by Claude Chabrol and "Swimming-Pool" by François Ozon. In 2021, she joins the cast of "Lupin".

Mademoiselle Maurice

Born and raised in the Savoy mountains, Mademoiselle Maurice is a French artist. After studying architecture in Lyon, she left to live a year in Japan. It was following the tragic events of March 11, 2011, when she was living in Tokyo, that Mademoiselle Maurice decided to start composing her plastic works.


Born in Antibes in 1987, Caroline Bertrou alias Madi entered the preparatory class of Applied Arts at the École Normale Supérieure de Cachan Arts Appliqués in 2006. In 2009, she joined the Ecole de la Cambre in Brussels, in the painting section, for three years. Anchored in contemporary art, Madi's works begin with an emotion that is declined in a line, becoming a drawing. Each painting is a pictorial organization that comes to caress the eye of the spectator. Nourished by fragments of reality to build her imagination, Madi invites us to travel with emotion, subtlety and poetry.

Marie Pressmar

Marie Pressmar is a French illustrator, from Hossegor. Her creations are real "typographic languages". She plays with the meaning of words and their aesthetics, breaking down sentences to create a unique harmony.


Metronomy is an English alternative and electronic music band, known worldwide. The leader Joseph Mount, joined by the other members, putting stages on fire all over the world, thanks to avant-gardist, unique and bewitching music.

Miss Van

Miss Van is a renowned French artist, who paints on walls as well as on canvas. Her female characters, real "dolls" are surreal and burlesque, full of sensuality and romanticism.

Nawelle Aïnèche

Nawelle Aïnèche is a costume designer by training and a self-taught textile artist. She is inspired by the body and the emotions that flow through it, thus developing a unique means of expression through her creations. She was a resident at the Gutenberg Tavern from June 2017 to January 2019.

Nicolas Comment

Photographer and songwriter, Nicolas Comment lives and works in Paris. He began a musical career in the 2000s and he has released two solo albums hailed by the press: We were God and Rose Planet. He has also published several photography books published by Filigranes Editions. His artistic work is represented by Parisian gallery Polka and by the 127 gallery in Marrakech.


Born in Saint-Etienne, France, OakOak's approach is to add within the urban setting trivial and comical elements. He adds his own vision, his own references that often come from cartoon culture. His art. fun and accessible, succeeds in poeticizing the urban environment.


Long known for his Knar, this strange bird recognizable by its colors, its too short wings and its squinting eyes; PEC is a pioneer of street art in Lyon. He has been graffiting the Lyon's urban landscape for 30 years now, and today he invents colourful characters and enlarges his universe ... which remains joyful, bright and colourful.

Pedro Winter (Ed Banger)

Emblematic figure of the electro music and the "French touch", Pedro Winter is the founder of the ED Banger label. He was the manager of Daft Punk for 10 years and has accompanied for several years many artists such as Justice, Breakbot, Cassius, SebatiAn ... He is himself a renowned DJ under the pseudonym of Busy P.

Perks and Mini (P.A.M)

Perks And Mini (P.A.M) is a brand founded in Melbourne by Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey.
Perks and Mini products have been sold and exhibited internationally since their inception in 2000. In 2013, Perks and Mini completed a residency at the Museum der Weltkulturen in Frankfurt, Germany. P.A.M.'s collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to art and design, involving designers, fashion brands and boutiques from around the world, has fueled international recognition.

Philippe Geluck

Philippe Geluck is a Belgian artist, born in Brussels on May 7, 1954. Known among other things to be the author of the comic book series Le Chat, he regularly uses his art to defend human rights as well as animal rights. In 2021, he supports 2500 voix.


Plum bathed his entire childhood in the aesthetic stimulation of shapes, colors and materials, but it was not until the birth of his daughter, in 2017, that the need to create emerged in him. For several months, under the fire of a frenetic inspiration, he produces and develops this initial concept, signing with these feathers placed on the black mechanics of a drawing inscribed as in negative. PLUM was born.


POTER started graffiti in 1998 and then began his first sketches of letters. After studying Arts in Lyon, he forged his technique and artistic personality which will lead his creations to this recognizable style: bright colors, geometry, moving masses and abstraction. His singular pop style opens the doors to numerous collaborations, wall design and illustration projects.


Quetzilla is a French painter and illustrator, influenced by hip-hop culture and his interest in world civilizations. At the edge between abstraction and liberated figuration, the mix of techniques and media he uses goes along with his approach of freedom or escape, change or evolution. His name? A reference to the Quetzal: emblematic bird and symbol of freedom.

Ray Reeg

Ray Reeg is a London-based illustrator who dedicates his art to women and their voluptuous bodies. His illustrations are full of funny nostalgia and assertive sex appeal. He is inspired by female characters from the 80's like Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit.