Sonny, SAHA, Original hand-painted canvas. Spray paint and acrylics on handmade wooden boxes. 1200mm x 1000mm

New York, USA

Sonny & WWF

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To The Bone is an art initiative by South African based street-artist Sonny. For the past year, he has traveled the world to cover as many places as possible with giant murals, depicting endangered animals in order to raise public awareness for endangered wildlife.

To The Bone

Sonny temporarily left the streets for his studio, where, for a year, he painted an impressive canvas series for his To The Bone project. All paintings show the animals’ faces breaking away to reveal the raw skeletons underneath, a symbol of their current extinction. The bones are decorated with tribal patterns from the animals’ country of origin, sharing an important message: shall we loose them, we’d also be losing part of our heritage. Finally, horns and teeth are adorned with gold, evoking the threat of poachers who only see a source of wealth from these majestic creatures.

Sonny believes that the wellbeing of animals is intricately tied to our own ability to thrive.

The paintings were first exhibited last May in New York, accompanied by animal skulls revisited by the artist, portraying the sad future that awaits the wildlife if we do nothing. To make a change in this tragic scenario, all canvas were put for auction, with Sonny giving 10% of each sale for the protection of wild tigers in Bhutan and India. In total, Sonny donated $ 15,500 to the Discovery Channel and WWF CAT project.

Sonny, KUNGA & SAHA, Original hand-painted canvas. Spray paint and acrylics on handmade wooden boxes. 1200mm x 1000mm

Project CAT

The WWF thus perpetuates its awareness-raising actions with the help of artists. After their Tomorrow's Tigers project, in collaboration with rug specialist Christopher Farr and a dozen artists, WWF is teaming up with Discovery Channel to achieve their Tx2 goal, that aims to double the number of tigers in nature by 2022. With Project CAT, Conserving Acres for Tigers, they are making it their mission to ensure healthy habitat for future generations of tigers in Bhutan and India. By protecting about two million acres, they will also be safeguarding vital forests and other endangered species that share this habitat, like Asian elephants, greater one-horned rhinos or clouded leopards.

Today, Sonny continues his mission of raising public awareness by painting giant murals in both urban and rural areas. His walls can already be seen in the United States (New York and Miami), Canada (Toronto), South Africa (Johannesburg), Russia (Vladivostok) and Europe (Amsterdam, London and Waterford). Sonny does not intend to stop there and is already planning future work in India, Mexico and Uganda.

Sonny, EMBERS, 9m x 5m canvas, Street Art Today, Amsterdam


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