Saype, Message from future

Geneva, Switzerland

Saype & SOS Méditerranée

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A pioneer in the field of land-art, Saype decides along with his team to deepen the subject of the migration issue after discovering the work of SOS Méditerranée in March 2018. He contacts the Swiss branch of the non-for-profit in March 2018, which later results in a 5,000m2 girl throwing an origami ship at sea: "Message from future".

Serving humankind

"What moved me the most is that people are putting their lives on hold to save others in the Mediterranean."

"These volunteers who go to sea know that they will be confronted with extremely hard things, which will certainly mark them for life, but the voice of mutual aid is stronger. I find it very touching."

After a first enthusiastic call with the NGO, the priority is to find a relevant spot. Indeed, the creative process is ancestral but very long: Saype first proceeds with field tracking using a drone, then -and once the idea is found, he organizes a photo shoot. Working with scaling to locate in space, he draws a grid on the sketched work. It is later transferred to the ground on a large scale as he superimposes layers of paint, made with ecological and biodegradable materials, to build the contours and fill in the piece. A major teamwork, made possible thanks to the city of Geneva.

Saype, Message from future

Finding a place

"One morning, on a whim, I decide to go and meet with all the people I thought could help me on the project in Geneva, without any appointment. Returning home at the end of the day with nothing to show for my pains, I receive a skeptical call from Mr Pereiras who works at the public spaces department of the city. I explain the idea and invite him to look at my work to understand the dimension. He calls me back 15 minutes later, telling me he would plead the idea to the city in order to get us the necessary permissions. It is one of my best memories but also the initial trigger that made this project possible."

Saype is interested in the "naive" side of childhood as well as the altruistic temper that is naturally more developed in children. He often works around the childhood figure to question our responsibility towards their future, but also the values that humanity has to transmit. Moved by the work of SOS Méditerranée, he chooses to represent a little girl, "Future", launching an origami ship to the sea. This boat, symbolizing the blank page of a new chapter of either a hardcover or possibly the book of life, aims to be a message of hope.

A message of hope

"In a world that is polarized every day, I think it is important to create such kind of actions. I sincerely believe that extremes are never good because life is a continuous search for balance and that is what we must strive for. I wanted to approach the subject in a poetic way while being focused on the future. Being a former nurse, I am sensitive to the human cause, but also concerned by all "living things", in the broad sense. Ecology, animal suffering ... I root for a world that can be righteous, fair and respectful of life as a whole. That is why, and more than ever this year as well as in my future works, I try to put my art at the service of either nature or the humankind. May my projects be a contribution to a fairer and more respectful world, especially towards life."

Saype, Message from future


Born in 1989, Saype currently lives and works in Moutier (Switzerland). Pioneer in the field of painting on grass, an artistic…

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