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Rotaract Lyon International invites you to support 3 shelters in Lyon, Annecy and Saint-Denis that support women in precarious situations by participating in an artistic and solidarity initiative, with the support of french artist Madi.
Discover pix'elles and walk away with an original work of art.

In 2021, Rotaract Lyon International wants to anchor their global international goal of Empowering Girls with an ambitious idea: to help not one women's shelter, but 3 organizations in France, all different - ith projects as tangible as they are wonderful.
So we needed an inspired and inspiring artist to support such a project.It is the wonderful Madi who answered this call. Madi is a 33 year old French artist from Biarritz, now living in Lisbon, who already exhibits at Hashimoto (New York and Los Angeles), in Taiwan and whose frescoes are commissioned by major connoisseurs (the canvas offered is a collector's item!).
But above all, she is a luminous, passionate human-being ... who resonated a lot with their idea.

The goal? To reveal 12 000 pix'elles (1€ per pixel) before April 10th ... All the proceeds will be donated to 3 grass-rooted non-for-profits, namely the Maison des Femmes in Saint-Denis (which is currently expanding to Marseille), the center for women in precarious situations in Lyon, Au Tambour ! (which hopes to open a second branch in Lyon to cope with its success) and Weavers' "Des Étoiles et des Femmes" gastronomy training program in Annecy and Lyon (to graduate more and more future chefs!).

And because generosity is encouraged, for each donation of more than 20€, a mini A5 print of the work will be offered to the generous donor, to be picked up at the end of the operation - a souvenir work, to be inspired and reminisce in your everyday life.

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Born in Antibes in 1987, Caroline Bertrou alias Madi entered the preparatory class of Applied Arts at the École Normale Supérieure…


Pix'Elles is a solidarity art operation initiated by Rotaract Lyon International and in partnership with the artist Madi.…