Pejac, Yin-Yang

Santander, Spain

Pejac & Save The Med

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Created from one of the most popular drawings of his latest 2018 Parisian exhibition, Pejac enlarges the scale of his Yin-Yang today. He also joins forces with Avant Arte to organize a fundraiser for the Save The Med, a Spanish NGO working to recover and protect the marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean.

Pejac, Yin-Yang

After Love Letter in December 2018, the Spanish artist is working again around the theme of global warming and climate change. Depicting a human figure in the form of an Inuit man, fishing through a thick ice hole, Pejac evokes human adaptability. When the polarities are reversed, it is on a block of floating ice that stands the same lonely protagonist, reminding us of the fragility of this environment.

A silent crisis

By offering a twofold reading of the same scene, Pejac succeeds in illustrating the silent crisis that humanity and nature face, which he represents poetically in the codes of a universal symbol. Like a photographic negative, Yin-Yang is a positive and negative diptych that captures the fragility of our models in perspective with that of their environment ... A message that NGO Save The Med strives to put into action: their teams of scientists and volunteers work on the daily to reduce the pressure of human activities on the marine environment of the Balearic Islands.

Pejac, Yin-Yang

Convinced that economic growth is not only compatible with, but dependent upon, environmental care, Save The Med's programs are rooted in the field. They work in particular on the creation of Marine Protected Areas (MPA), like that of El Toro, to supervise the sectors of fishing, yachting and tourism without prohibiting them; they also offer education and prevention services regarding the negative effects caused by pollution by locally produced plastics on marine ecosystems. Finally, they produces on studies about vulnerable species of the Mediterranean and how to protect them.

An innovative solidarity diptych

To support these programs, Pejac partners with the Avant Arte platform. Always offering part of the profits from the sale of his works to a good cause, he differs from the traditional model of organizing an auction to sell the original work and proposes 10 limited editions, enhanced by hand on a total series of 100 prints. These two images presented as a diptych also innovate by their production: printed in the form of a single color hand pulled photopolymers, each one was drawn by hand. A tedious technique known for its longevitity and quality, requiring an important sense of detail.     On sale on July 2, 2019, the ten "solidarity prints" were sold out in less than a day, allowing the donation of more than 28,500 € to Save The Med. The regular edition of the remaining 90 copies, signed and numbered, were also sold in full the next day on the artist's website ... It is however still possible to discover behind the scenes of this creation on the site of Pejac, while waiting for his next release!

Pejac, Yin-Yang


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