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With his work "Love Letter", Pejac supports Clowns Without Borders, a non-for-profit organization born in Spain - like him - and which, through humor, offers psychological support to communities with trauma.

The back


A subtle mix between sculpture, painting and engraving, "Love Letter" is an envelope delicately personalized by Pejac, referring to several of his well-known works. The artist didn’t choose this support by chance: an envelope offers a unique creative potential thanks to its romantic past when phones and internet did not exist.

Huge fan of Philippe Petit, known for his illegal crossing between the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York, Pejac started to draw his silhouette on his window when he was still a student. He augmented the composition by using his environment, running his character on the white trail left by a plane in the sky through the window of his room. A poetry one can find again in the tightrope walker of the envelope.

The front


Pejac enhanced his Love Letter by customizing the stamps on the front, that use the crows and scarecrow of his 2017 work "Scattercrow". He took the concept even further by adding stickers of the air mail: indeed, the goal is to make each side of the work very special, for the buyer to be able to exhibit any of the two. Thus, he inserted a magnet to the frame that contains the envelope, allowing its owner to turn it around at his discretion. Gloves are also included with each custom frame for easy handling.

Sold for a period of 24 hours from December 5th to 6th, 470 copies limited editions of Love Letters were printed, each one sold £ 600 at first. The original work was later auctioned online, raising £ 5,150 for Clowns Without Borders. These funds are intended to finance the association's interventions in Lebanon with Syrian refugee children suffering from post-traumatic stress, due to war in their country of origin.


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