Marc Quinn

New York, USA

Marc Quinn & The International Rescue Committee

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Reconnecting people both conceptually and literally using the most basic element of humanity: blood. This is the goal of Odyssey, the new work of art by British artist Marc Quinn to benefit several refugee organisations and initiatives, including the International Rescue Committee.

Exhibited in a pavilion designed by famous English architect Norman Foster, two identical cubes will contain equal amounts of human blood, donated by 2,500 refugees and as many volunteers, including a number of personalities. These cubes, whose contents are reminiscent of previous sculptures made by the artist with his own blood, convey the equality and solidarity between men, within a monument representing our humanity. The exhibition will also include a video installation featuring recordings of donors -refugees or not, anonymous or famous alike- telling their story, sharing their experiences or explaining how they want to help.

My Blood Teaser

My blood, your blood and refugee blood is the same. Under the skin we're all the same.

My Blood Teaser —

A year-long campaign

Passionate about humanitarian causes (Quinn has devoted his time and his works to fighting against AIDS, hunger or endangering animals), the artist is aiming for all donations received during the Odyssey campaign to be shared between the International Rescue Committee (50%) and several refugee organisations and initiatives. All will be selected by an advisory board and trustees of Marc Quinn’s recently created charity, Human Love.
Founded in 1933 by Albert Einstein to offer assistance to the opponents of Adolf Hitler, the International Rescue Committee aims to support anyone whose lives and livelihoods are affected by a conflict or a disaster. Its goal is to enable refugees to survive and regain control of their future.

Aiming to be presented worldwide, Odyssey will be launched in the fall of 2019 on the Fifth Avenue, facing the iconic building of the New York Public Library. In the meantime, everyone is invited to offer its blood, and thereby to participate in the creation of the work. The volunteers will be selected at random, but it will still be possible for unsuccessful donors to purchase an open edition of Odyssey in a "giclée print" format.

Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn, born in London in 1964, is a contemporary British artist. Through his sculptures, paintings and installations,…

The International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee was founded in 1933 on the initiative of Albert Einstein to offer assistance to the opponents…