Lyon, France

OakOak & Dispensaire Vétérinaire Étudiant

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The Dispensaire Vétérinaire Étudiant was launched by a desire to care for the animals of disadvantaged individuals. This initiative resulted in collaborations with several partner reception centres, including the Pause Diabolo association located rue Villeroy in the third borough of Lyon. A risk reduction centre for drug users, "La Pause" offers shelter as well as a safe and reliable environment. Through their doors, volunteer veterinary students of the Dispensaire come to offer the animals care (vaccines, identification, treatments ...) as well as a free follow-up.


The street artist OakOak, having himself adopted his cat at the SPA (an animal shelter), is particularly sympathetic to the animal cause. Born in Saint-Étienne, he quickly became one of the most famous French street artists in the country and abroad. His playful and distinct style brings to the streets a touch a cultural sensitivity that can be found nowhere else.


** For this fundraising, OakOak has created a unique and never before seen piece for the benefit of the Dispensaire Vétérinaire Étudiant **. Each contribution on The Hope Gallery platform reveals a pixel of this work, making each donator elligible for random selection to win the original artwork at the end of the fundraising.

All donations collected in this way are immediately given to the Veterinary Student Dispensary, * without commission *. The objective of this operation is simple: ** to fund one year of veterinary service at the Pause Diabolo **, a particularly important reception centre in Lyon as they are ** among the only ones offering specific assistance to women in dangerous situations ** who have animals.


Born in Saint-Etienne, France, OakOak's approach is to add within the urban setting trivial and comical elements. He adds…

Dispensaire Vétérinaire Étudiant

The D.V.E. is an association that consists of veterinary students with the common goal providing animals with free healthcare.…