Bowie the Saviour, Markus Klinko

Hong Kong, China

Markus Klinko & Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation

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Alisan Fine Arts Gallery, the famous gallery based in Hong Kong is hosting "2000s: David Bowie and Beyond" this March, a series of pictures by Markus Klinko of the late singer. The exhibition is organized in honor of the International Women's Day and all of the proceeds from the sale of the photographs will be donated to the Women of Hope program of the Adventist Hospital Foundation's.

Rock and feminism

January 10th marked three years since the death of the legendary singer David Bowie. The British artist passed away the age of 69, after battling cancer for 18 months. He remains a very popular icon of pop rock music today all over the world but especially in China where he had built a unique connection with the public.

Fascinated by Asian culture, David Bowie multiplied his tours in Asia, shot many clips in the streets of China, was inspired by the traditions of this continent for his stage costumes and even wrote a song in Mandarin: "Cha Na Tian Di" with the help of Lin Xi, a Hong Kong lyricist. Therefore, the Alisan Fine Arts gallery located in Hong Kong seemed like the perfect place for an exhibition in his memory.

Bowie the Protector, Markus Klinko

The exhibition

All of the photographs come from the work of the renowned Swiss photographer Markus Klinko. Well-known for his editorial portraits of celebrities, he also works regularly with major brands and leading fashion magazines around the world like Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair.

David Bowie, whom he met in 2001, soon became Markus Klinko's favorite model. In "2000s: David Bowie and Beyond" exhibition, one can find a majority of David Bowie’s pictures, but also some photos of Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Pamela Anderson, highlighting three models of strong women.

Gaga the Mask, Markus Klinko

The month of March also marks the fight for gender equality around the world through the International Women’s Day on the 8th. In honor of all women, the gallery and the artist have chosen to donate the proceeds from the photographs sale to the Adventist Hospital Foundation's Women of Hope program.

Established in 2014, Women of Hope aims to provide access to care for the poorest women, especially those fighting against breast cancer. Every year, the foundation honors women committed to improving society with an award ceremony. The prizes are hence an opportunity to underline women's initiatives that are often overlooked in the media.

The exhibition begins on Tuesday, March 5th with a private reception and is open to the public from Wednesday, March 6th until Saturday, March 16h at the Alisan Fine Arts Gallery in Hong Kong.

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