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The street-artist PEC in support of the apprentice-restaurateurs of a solidary foodtruck in Lyon

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As part of the HubLo Festival, PEC (ex-founder of the Birdy Kids) is committed to support apprentice chefs severely affected by the pandemic. He is bringing into play a unique mystery artwork, to be won in exchange for a donation.

The purpose? To support the 10 beneficiaries of the ICI programme

To help Sam, Yanling, Lidia and the other beneficiaries supported by the ICI programme from the association Entrepreneurs du Monde. They were preparing to launch their culinary concept a few months ago. The HubLo Festival, an event for young entrepreneurs in Lyon, is now getting involved! Together with PEC, the textile art gallery Vangart and the innovative donation collection platform The Hope Gallery (two projects of the Centre d'Entrepreneuriat de l'Université de Lyon), they are combining their skills to launch a solidary operation to finance the equipment needed to pursue their culinary projects (tablets and computers to create their social networks, manage their invoices, launch their takeaway menus).

So what do art, digital and restaurants have in common? Commitment, to rethink our daily life!

Solidary actors who share the same vision

The core mission that HubLo Festival and the association Entrepreneurs du Monde have in common is: to help those who want to (re)invent their profession, to have all the keys to develop their future in Lyon. A cause that has sensitized the street artist from Lyon PEC, himself a pioneer for 30 years of an artistic movement that is now at the forefront of the artistitic scene. Today he is committed to their side by creating an artwork matching the colours of the project.


A gesture of solidarity rewarded with a unique mystery artwork

Launched on July 3rd on the dedicated website, all donations are accepted, from 1€. Eligible for a tax receipt (from 15€), all participating donors, in addition to their good deed, will also be rewarded for their commitment by accumulating, for each euro, a chance to be drawn by the HubLo Festival to win a textile artwork drawn in 1 copy with a certificate of authenticity worth 500 euros. Particularity of this fundraising? The textile artwork is revealed by the participants' donations! Each euro donated on the platform will allow them to reveal a fragment of it, as a symbol of federation of individual acts that allow a common global result.


From fundraising levels to concrete actions

Each fundraising level reveals a new fragment of the PEC x VANGART textile artwork to be won. These different levels will set the rhythm of the operation while corresponding to a concrete impact.
500€? It is financing the purchase of a camera, so that they can present their project visually.
700€? It's 2 refurbished laptops: to make administrative procedures, create their website, follow their distance learning or develop their social networks.


Let the people of Lyon spread the light on the internet...

The appointment is therefore made on the internet to discover Maryam and its cultural café for the Iranian community in Lyon, Baptiste who fights for a vegan restaurant or Marie-Madeleine, who dreams of a Franco-Cameroonian cuisine ... In parallel with the donations; their portraits, recipes and testimonials will be highlighted on social networks, with also some contests and backstage of the creation of the artwork. This is an opportunity for the people of Lyon to discover those who will soon be delighting our taste buds and creating the cuisine of tomorrow.

The programme ICI ?

ICI - Incubation, Creation, Inclusion, was launched two years ago by the association Entrepreneurs du Monde. Its goal ? Support people in vulnerable situations in Lyon - refugees, single parents, in integration - toward independence through the creation of a sustainable restaurant activity. In practice, 10 beneficiaries in Lyon are trained in health standards and catering techniques, while having free access to a solidarity foodtruck to test their culinary concept in the community.

To give them wings: the HubLo Festival, a key event dedicated to young people with projects in Lyon, is committed to their side. For this year edition that is 100% digital, they propose to host an artistic and solidarity fundraising event to allow these young upcoming chefs to continue their training: as some of them have neither computers nor equipment to follow online courses during the pandemic, they now need our help to make their culinary dreams come true ...

The operation ends on July 15th ... So we have 2 weeks to help them and hope to leave with the embroidered PEC artwork ;)


HubLo Festival

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