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Henri Lamy x On the Way to School

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Born in 1985, French painter Henri Lamy depicts people and places through techniques driven by emotion. His work, at first glance abstract yet figurative, is inspired by the works of Yan Pei Ming, Lucian Freud, and the drip paintings of Jackson Pollock. Characterised by the heavy usage of color and palette knife, his creative works have been exhibited in many cities throughout the world such as Paris, Geneva, Manila, Tokyo, and Hong Kong.

In recent years, Henri combined both of his passions, art and the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira, to create “capoeira painting”. He embarked to Asia with his wife to perform the results of these mesmerising art pieces, and during the “Motions and Emotions” exhibit, part of the proceeds from his sales go to non-profit organisations that help underprivileged and homeless children in the Philippines.

It was on a train to Paris, during the summer of 2019, that Henri met one of the producers of “On the way to School". Winner of the 2014 César for best documentary, the film tells the story of four separate children and their long journey to get to school. In the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, 12 year old Zahira must walk 22 kilometers of rocky path. 11 year old Carlos crosses 18 kilometers of the Patagonia planes with his little sister, and Indian Samuel, who has lost his legs and arms, is pushed by his two brothers on his wheelchair through hard terrain.


It was Jackson, a Kenyan boy who braved the dangerous animals of the savannah for 15 kilometers whilst protecting his little sister, that Henri met and painted six years after the film was made. “You could tell he was serious,” said Henri. “He was flown out of his country by the producers to meet the people who donated to the project, and who followed these children’s lives. What struck me was that he wasn’t like a regular kid, in another country who wanted to have fun. He was serious about his education.”

The foundation

On the Ways to School was first a film, and is now a foundation. After the film, Jackson and his sister Salomé received school uniforms and bags. The foundation grows today thanks to to generosity of the members and donators, and a crowdfunding has begun to help Jackson continue his second year of law university.


Attuned to the foundation's commitment to help Jackson, Henri continues to promote the ongoing fundraiser intended for his schooling. A commitment that he talks with us about, as well as his inspiration, his creative process, and the creation of this particular piece. Everything in this portrait of Artist for Good!

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