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The process is introspection. Nawelle Aïnèche, a costume designer trained in Lyon, develops her creations as a means of expression.

"I draw my inspiration from the body, what it represents on the inside but also on the level of the skin. The skin reacts to the emotions we have, it has a psychic reaction."

As the skin is the first boundary protecting the body from the outside, it can also protect it from the elements inside. Nawelle finds a personal resonance when it comes to covering it; having previously worked with magnetic tapes for several years, she is now creating a costume out of pins. Something that always reminds us of the importance of the body, but also of its fragility.

When I started using pins, it was a time when I needed some protection," says the artist.

Amnesty International

This path of thought joins a particular pathos for the young artist, who always directs her creations towards a base of solidarity and associative work.

In 2016, she joins the millions of supporters who support Amnesty International's annual "10 Days to Sign" campaign. From 2 to 11 December, the organisation is launching a campaign in support of people whose rights are violated, including the emblematic whistleblower Edward Snowden, Shawkan, an Egyptian photojournalist, who is imprisoned and threatened with execution, and Bayram and Giyas, two Azerbaijani activists who were tortured after tagging a statue.

The involvement of everyone makes a difference.

Following the rally of the previous year, several people were released in 2015, such as Albert Woodfox, who had been imprisoned in solitary confinement for more than 40 years, and Yecenia Armenta, a Mexican woman who was tortured, raped and asphyxiated.

This is how Nawelle Aïneche created La Sueur de nos vêtements at the association's request, an ode to Little Red Riding Hood made of forgotten fabrics.


She looks back on her commitment and creative process in our new episode of Artist for Good down below!


Nawelle Aïnèche

Nawelle Aïnèche is a costume designer by training and a self-taught textile artist. She is inspired by the body and the emotions…

Amnesty International

An international NGO, the organization promotes the defense of human rights and the respect of the Universal Declaration…