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On February 14th, 2019, the Institut Curie will organize "Made For Curie", a charity auction for the fight against cancer. 34 artists generously donated an original and unique work of art for the sale, related to the art of conversation. The auction which will take place at Drouot Paris in collaboration with Art Valorem Auction House.

A fight that affects everyone

"Every day in France, more than 1000 people are affected by cancer. Thanks to the progress in research, 60% of patients recover today." - Dr. Thierry Philip, Institut Curie chairman.

To increase the number of cancer healing and perhaps one day, achieve 100%, the Institute has started its first charity auction named "Made For Curie". This fundraising is made possible thanks to the generosity of 34 committed artists including painter Elisabeth de Cherisey, photographer Lionel Roy, street artist Theo Lopez and sculptor Arlette Ginioux. In addition to the original and unique works of the artists, the sale will also include paintings, jewelry, sculptures, pieces of furniture and other objects of all kinds, offered by donors involved in the fight against cancer. Thus, India Mahdavi, Kartell, Longchamp, but also Constance Guisset will provide a precious support to Institut Curie.

Lionel Roy

The art of conversation

All the objects and works of art of the sale share a common theme: the art of conversation. The aim was to underline the importance dialogue in the improvement of patients quality of life.

"Conversation and exchanges are really important in the Institut Curie's model, where doctors and researchers work together every day to develop innovative treatments to fight cancer" - Agnès Hubert, director of donor relations at the Institut Curie.

Thus, the benefits of the auction will support the development of new programs to further enhance patient lives. One of the latest programs developed by the Institute is to be known as SIREDO, the first integrated pediatric oncology center in France, which bringts together research and care for young patients in one place.

The auction

The objects of the sale will be exhibited at the Drouot Paris Hotel from Wednesday, February 13th to the public. The auction will begin on Thursday, February 14th, 2019 in the evening at 7:30 pm simultaneously at the Drouot Paris Auction House and on their website: A great opportunity to support a good cause!

Elisabeth de Cherisey

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