Pedro Winter (Ed Banger) & RAWA

Inspiring through art ... This is the challenge that everyone is invited to take up by joining many artists in an international artistic fundraising campaign.

Fafi & friends

Following the recent and tragic events happening in Afghanistan, international graffiti-artist Fafi teamed up with art-fundraising platform The Hope Gallery to collect funds with the help of Fafi’s artist friends.

Skrillex, Joseph Mount (Metronomy), Pedro Winter (Ed Banger), Ludivine Sagnier, Lucas Beaufort, Koralie, RayReeg, Romain Bourven, Marie Pressmar, and more … All of them have decided to join in supporting RAWA, the oldest political/social grassroot organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights in Afghanistan.

**You too, can be part of Fafi’s friends.

How? Each artist has donated an object or an artwork close to them for an exceptional raffle, where all proceeds will go towards helping RAWA’s women provide aid, medication, food and shelter to the people of Afghanistan remaining in the country.

Ed Banger

In support of the women's revolutionary association in Afghanistan (RAWA), Pedro Winter, DJ and founder of the mythical label Ed Banger, is committing himself through his art to the common good.
In return for the donations made on his page pedrowinter.fafiandfriends.com, he will offer the Test Pressing of his next maxi: BUSY P feat Haich Ber Na & Shay Lia -Track of Time- Masters At Work remix to one of the donors, drawn at random on September 30, 2021

How does it work? 1$ donated = 1 pixel revealed = 1 chance to win. Each artistic raffle has a 1000$ fundraising goal that should be reached for the raffle to take place — but all of them can also be exceeded until Sept 30th, on which the winners will be drawn.

By participating in one or more artistic raffles, and by exceeding the fundraising goals with us, you are giving RAWA the means to continue their grassroots actions. Thank you very much for your support!

Pedro Winter (Ed Banger)

Emblematic figure of the electro music and the "French touch", Pedro Winter is the founder of the ED Banger label. He was…


RAWA is the oldest political/social organization of Afghan women struggling for peace, freedom, democracy and women's rights…