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Don Mateo x LCPGLV

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Committed portraitist, the French artist Don Mateo draws his inspiration from the poetry of everyday life. Initially a painter, he made a name for himself on the street with his stencils as well as his paper-cut technique, then shook up the codes of urban art by returning to painting, inspired by the great masters of his training at the Beaux-Arts.

If Don Mateo draws portraits and lines to create emotion, he also does it for the benefit of solidarity causes that can be seen and propagated thanks to his artistic emblems. This is how he joined this year the non-profit organization Le Coeur Plus Gros Que Le Ventre (LCPGLV), for their very last campaign aiming at improving the daily life of the young patients of the Institute of Hematology and Pediatric Oncology (Centre Léon Bérard - Lyon)

In 2017 Sébastien Lavastre created the non-profit organization LE COEUR PLUS GROS QUE LE VENTRE. He decided to finance concrete actions each year to improve the daily life of the little patients of the Institute of Hematology and Pediatric Oncology, a way for him to be useful during his son's fight against leukemia. Four years later, Lucas' remission is complete: It's time to close this adventure of solidarity in style, by launching one last action that is as inspiring as it is useful.

The goal is to raise €7,000 to allow LE COEUR PLUS GROS QUE LE VENTRE to finance three final actions: to participate in the creation of a parent's area within the institute, to participate in the financing of a research program to reduce the toxicity and side effects of chemotherapy treatments on children, and finally to support the Docteur Clown organization, which has been providing professional clowns, jugglers and magicians to hospitalized children since 1995.

And because generosity is encouraged, for each donation of more than 50€, a handmade (by the artist) case of 8 macaroons will be offered to the generous donor, to be picked up at the end of the campaign (only in Paris or Lyon) - a unique art piece that can be kept and exhibited after tasting.

This unique fundraising can be found on lcpglv.thehopegallery.com

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