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Bur x Les confinés reconnaissants (The Grateful Confined)

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Inspiring through beauty... This is the challenge that the people living in Lyon are invited to take up by partnering up with numerous French artists in their efforts to support the staff of the Lyon hospitals.

Editor's note : All of the actors involved in this initiative (committed artists, The Hope Gallery team and corporate partners) are doing so voluntarily and selflessly to support, through their skills and donations, the healthcare staff.



In support of the Fondation des Hospices Civils de Lyon, Lyon-based artist Bur puts his art at the service of the common good. Drawing his influences from both street art and tattooing, Bur expresses himself in any shape or form, enjoying walls as well as gigantic sculptures, covering each of his projects with his colourful and inspired universe.

This week, Sunny Jim is introducing us to a never-seen-before piece that he proposes to anyone confined to discover and put in color, an inspired and inspiring counterpart to the donations, intended to thank and relieve the hospital staff of Lyon.

Les confinés reconnaissants (The Grateful Confined)

The project "Les confinés reconnaissants" (The Grateful Confined) was born from a desire to thank and support the French hospital staff.

TO THANK, by allowing messages from the people of Lyon to reach the caretakers at any time of the day, thanks to digital technology. And above all TO SUPPORT, by organizing a fundraising in partnership with artists, through the crowd-revealing platform created by The Hope Gallery. Thus, for any donation to the Fondation Hospices Civils of Lyon (from 1€), donors receive by email the black & white version of a original artwork donated by an artist, to be printed and colored at home. Each week, or every time 500€ are donated, the original work in color is revealed and a new work of art is proposed, by a different artist.

Kesadi, Caroline Karenine, Sunny Jim, Ekiem, Quetzilla, Russ, Kwhezi Strydom, Poter, Chufy, OakOak, Bur, Don Mateo, Cart’1 ... are the first artists to offer their works to be revealed, in the coming weeks, on the dedicated fundraising page. mercilyon.thehopegallery.com

Thanks, from afar

Remerciement - Les confinés reconnaissants
Remerciement - Les confinés reconnaissants —

And it doesn’t stop there: each pixel revealed will be the opportunity to show the donor's first name in a digital "thank you" message, visible to the caregivers. Caregivers will indeed be able to see these messages in real time and at any time of day, from their smartphones in the break room, or on digital screens on their commute.

Why a fundraising?

Because even when you are confined, it is possible to get involved: the Fondation of Hospices Civils is committed to act against the virus but also supports its hospital staff: all donations collected from the fundraising will be used to benefit the HCL staff - thus exceeding the NGO’s primary mission of assisting and accompanying the sick. In the next few weeks, several actions, determined directly with the hospital staff, will be able to be financed thanks to donations; starting with the purchase and delivery of grocery goods, both sweet and savory, offered freely in the break rooms. It will be a much welcomed support to relieve them from their exhaustion, to offer the staff something to share during a break but also to allow them to cook once they return home, as the supermarket shelves are empty.

Why don't we buy masks?

Because the shortage of masks is not related to a lack of financial means but to a lack of stocks. Because as far as the acquisition of more expensive medical equipment is concerned, corporate sponsors have already positioned themselves. Finally, because we felt it was important to thank our hospitals staff, from human to human, for the risks they take on a daily basis, beyond their public service mission. This is why the use of donations was decided in conjunction with the HCL Foundation after a call for ideas from the healthcare staff and a community of donors. Moreover, considering the very strict sanitary conditions applied at the hospital, the first purchases of food will be made in such a way that individual distribution will be made possible.

Why Lyon and the HCL Foundation (Fondation Hospices Civils de Lyon)?

Because this initiative is made possible by the commitment and support of many Lyon-based actors, like us (editor's note: The Hope Gallery team). Because local action is always faster and therefore more effective, and because it also guarantees a high level of transparency in the course of operations and in the use of the funds... Finally, because it seemed obvious to us that being confined does not mean being silent: this operation is a proposal for a positive federative response to the pandemic to support, from afar but visually, hospital staff in the broadest sense: doctors, reception staff, ambulance drivers... The HCL Foundation is indeed the 2nd largest university hospital in France, with 23,000 professionals, including 5,000 doctors.

Can everyone participate?

Of course! And everyone in their own way: the artists commit themselves through their art, the confined ones through their donations and thanks, we bring our platform and the total involvement of our team, and some companies are volunteering as well: for example, Les Chocolats Voisin have already announced that they will offer 20 kilos of Easter chocolates to hospital staff in addition to the first deliveries! And we remain open to all your ideas, suggestions or proposals: [email protected] :)



Influenced by street art but also by tattooing, Bur has evolved within a generation that approaches art in its broadest dimension.…

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