Lyon, France

Henri Lamy x On the Way to School

It was on a train to Paris, during the summer of 2019, that Henri Lamy met one of the producers of “On the way to School". Originally a movie, winner of the 2014 César for best documentary, it has now become a Foundation that aims to help children to access education, such as Jackson, whom Henri has recently portrayed to help raise funds.

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Don Mateo x Entrepreneurs du Monde

Regularly committed to supporting causes related to education, French street artist Don Mateo wanted to offer his art to support Entrepreneurs du Monde's FANSOTO program. This new fundraising, through our platform, will fund a year of support for 400 women micro-entrepreneurs in the development of their income-generating business in Senegal.

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Sumatra Island, Indonesia

ESCIF & Splash and Burn

Early 2019, Spanish artist ESCIF joined the Splash and Burn initiative in creating a rewind symbol amidst the ruins of the rainforest, along with a short film, that call for a collective effort to nurture our planet. The unique ecosystem of Indonesia's island of Sumatra is indeed threatened by palm oil plantations.

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Santander, Spain

Pejac & Save The Med

Yin-Yang is the first diptych limited edition print of Pejac. An worrying but poetic "before / after", of which 10 impressions were sold to the benefit of the Save The Med, a Spanish NGO working to recover and protect the marine ecosystems of the Mediterranean.

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