Nicolas Comment x Fondation Abbé Pierre


For the first The Hope Gallery operation, French photographer Nicolas Comment had offered a never-seen before photograph for the benefit of the Abbé Pierre Foundation to raise € 2,000 to fight against substandard housing. The photography offered by Nicolas Comment was displayed - hidden - on our platform during the entire process and was later revealted, once the fundraising goal was reached, on March 21st at Poltred gallery, in Lyon.

With this new digital fundraising, Hope Gallery allowed individual hundreds of donors to support an important cause, participate in a supportive artistic experience and try to win a unique work of art. Starting with €1. Because every donation counts!

The concept

In parallel with our artistic and solidarity media activities, The Hope Gallery is committed to finding new ways to make fundraising easy and enjoyable, because supporting causes that matter should be simple and exciting.

That's why we're working with artists to organize digital fundraising campaigns dedicated to supporting specific actions, rather than global causes. Each artist involved is invited to create a unique (and never displayed) work of art dedicated to a specific funding goal. The action of giving becomes thus unifying, artistic and creative, just as its charitable purpose already is.


The revelation platform

Henri Lamy x The Hope Gallery x Stairway Foundation

The Hope Gallery presents Henri Lamy x Stairway Foundation

Henri Lamy x The Hope Gallery x Stairway Foundation —